CreART Studio

Ages: K-5
January 17 – March 21 (No Class Jan. 24)
Tuesdays 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Norman Rockwell Elementary
Class description:
Each class focuses on Elements of Art. Students learn the concept of color, pattern, shape, line, texture, space and composition. Children also learn about Art history and Master Artists.
*If a parent signs up to chaperone ALL sessions, your child registers for free! Contact to sign up.

Little Coders: Animations

Ages: K-2
January 11 – February 22
Wednesdays, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Norman Rockwell Elementary
$185 / 7 lessons
Languages: Scratch
Class description:
Prerequisites: Basic reading skills, can handle mouse and keyboard comfortable completion of Little Coders course OR very basic coding knowledge. 
Learn how to make your own animations in Scratch using basic coding skills! In this course, students will focus on the arts and animations side of game development. Students will learn how to create their own characters, animate them, and tell their story through art, creativity, and basic coding skills! Projects include animating a walk cycle, a running unicorn, and a funny handshake. Our curriculum focuses on reinforcing concepts in different ways to help students retain new ideas and build a strong foundation for future learning.
 *If a parent/guardian signs up to chaperone ALL sessions, your child registers for free! Contact to sign up.

Introduction to Programming Roblox adventure

Grades: 3-5
Jan 19 - April 6th (No Class 1/26)
Thursday, 3:30 – 4:30pm
Norman Rockwell Elementary
Class description:
Build Roblox Games. Code, test and then publish your own Roblox games. Students will learn how to make a variety of games using Roblox studio and the Lua programming language. Students will be creating games that they can publish and play with friends. 

Course Requirements:   

  • Roblox Account: Students should come with a Roblox account and passwords. Please create one before the start date so we can save their work onto their account. This will allow the parent an avenue to see the games their young learners are designing and the students can also play the games with friends.   
  • Headphones 


Grades: K-2
January 12 – March 30
Thursdays, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Norman Rockwell Elementary

Class description:
Children will begin to explore the world of robotics as they build simple models that teach the fundamentals of robotic design. Whether learning about sensors while building drills and magic wands, or discovering ways that gears and pulleys create movement while building helicopters and robotic dogs, your child is sure to have a great time.
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Excel With Chess

Grades: K-5
January 4 – March 8
Wednesdays, 2pm - 3pm
Norman Rockwell Elementary
Register by Jan 19, 12am PST

Class description:
Welcome back to chess club at Norman Rockwell Elementary! Each class will have check-in, lessons, practice play, and an in-class tournament round. We ensure that all kids are being challenged and learning something new each week. We offer a Fall, Winter, and Spring Chess Session each Wednesday at 2:00pm, minus school holidays. Our first class we will be assessing all the students to see what level everyone is at. Based on these assessments, we will have multiple groups. This will also give us an idea what key chess strategies we will be learning throughout each session. Check-out is at 3:00pm behind the school in Portable 5.
*If a parent/guardian signs up to chaperone ALL sessions, your child registers for free! Contact to sign up.

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