Norman Rockwell Elementary's 2020/21 Board Members are listed below. Come say hello or contact us anytime and please join us at the upcoming meetings! The Board meets monthly - please contact any of us if you would like to attend a board meeting or bring something up for discussion.

General Membership Meetings are typically in the evenings...keep your eye on the Bugle for an announcement and please attend the General Meetings!  



Elaine Bentzinger



Elaine Bentzinger is Rockwell’s PTA President.  She has two children at Rockwell:  a son in the 4th grade, and a daughter in 2nd grade.  She volunteers in many capacities at Rockwell, including helping with reading and spelling in the classroom, being a room parent, and bringing Community Serve Day to Rockwell.

In her spare time, she loves being active – typically either hiking or enjoying Crossfit, and crafting.

She loves the community at Rockwell, and looks forward to engaging with all of you to make it inclusive and vibrant!







VP Communications

Sheila Gruber






VP of Fundraising

Rena McGinness






Funds Allocation Director

Sivakumar Ananthakrishnan





Siva has a 5th grader and a 1st grader at Rockwell. Prior to funds, he was chairing the Lego after school program in the past few years. Busy as a software engineer during the day, likes to spend time with family, read books and spend time on fitness activities including playing otherwise. Happy volunteering at rockwell!

VP Volunteer Services

Gretchen Knapp



Gretchen is serving as VP of Volunteer Services.  She has two sons, one in 5th, one in 3rd.  She volunteers in and around the school and loves being in the classroom with the students.  While not volunteering at the school or wrangling her kids, you could find her out for a run, burning off steam!

VP Events

Denice Gagner





Denice has two kiddos at Norman Rockwell - a daughter in 2nd grade and a son in Kindergarten. She works as a criminal defense attorney and loves to play poker on the weekends.

When she's not visiting clients in jail, she enjoys teaching art docent lessons to young students. She makes a killer grilled cheese sandwich.

VP Academic Enrichment

 Van Dao.


Van is serving as the co-VP of Academic Enrichment, focusing on after school programs. She has two sons in 4th grade and 1st grade. For the last 3 years since her first child started 1st grade at Rockwell, she has volunteered in various school activities such as helping with reading/spelling in the classroom, STEM Night, Heritage Night. This year she decided to join the board to contribute to the mission of providing Rockwell students with the most well-rounded education as possible. 
She loves Rockwell the most for its diversity. Having families from all over the world really makes Rockwell a vibrant and exciting community for both students and parents. 

VP School Services

Lani Lum


Lani is the VP of School Services. She has a daughter in the 2nd grade at Rockwell and a 3 year old son who is excited to one day become a beagle! This is Lani's first year on the PTA and she's excited to become more involved in the community that makes this such a terrific school. Lani is also Senior Program Manager at Microsoft - currently working on the Flight Simulator team. 


Membership Chair

Juju Ratanaprateepporn.


Juju has two boys. Her 2nd grade is in Rockwell and her 3rd grade is in Einstein. This is her 3rd year in Rockwell. Last year she was a Membership Chair. This year she volunteered to be the Fundraising VP. 
Juju joined PTA board in 2018 with the Membership Chair role.
"It has been a great experience being involved with school PTA. Besides feeling good as I am giving back to society, both my kids are also very proud of me. So I encourage everyone to join PTA if you have a chance."


Disability Awareness Coordinator

Jamie Kivela

My name is Jamie Kivela. I am married to Kris and we have 2 active boys who both attend Rockwell and one goofy chocolate lab named Prince. My M-F, 8-5 job is at an engineering firm where I work as a Lead Project Accountant  crunching numbers and reviewing contracts. My other job is being a fulltime mommy where I get paid with smiles and hugs. =) I've lived in Washington all my life with a brief time away attending Boise State on a golf scholarship. I love being around my family, going out with friends, working out, eating, crafting, and hanging out on Pinterest until the wee hours of the night. I love being a parent at Rockwell and look forward every year to being part of it's cute little school community!

Legislative Advocate


Mohamed have two wonderful and active boys at Rockwell, one is in first grade and one in 4th grade. He is a software engineering manager at Microsoft, and he feels lucky and grateful to be part of the amazing Rockwell family. 


School Principal/Board Member Ex-Officio

Principal Michael Clark



 Meet our Principal Here!