Online PTA Membership Directory

Access available for all paid PTA Members - join the PTA today!


 The on-line PTA Membership directory allows you and other paid PTA members to view contact information for all paid PTA members across grades including phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses.  The on-line PTA Membership directory is available to you immediately and is updated throughout the year giving new Rockwell families the ability to connect with our community.  This directory will have all the latest and greatest people in it at all times.  Get to know your classmates and where they live sooner.  Find new Rockwell family neighbors nearby.  The PTA Membership Directory is the only directory available with street address information.  

 The good news here is that you can control what information others can see about you and your student.  We have given everyone access to the on-line PTA membership directory through the first week of school so that you can give it a free trial run.  Go ahead and customize which fields from your profile can be seen by others.  At the end of the first week, only paid PTA Members will have continuing access to this awesome birthday and play date planning tool. 

 Now is a good time to make sure your info is up-to-date! Go to your account (, click Edit for each member, and ensure the accuracy and desired  visibility of your information in the online directory

  •  On-line searchable directory with parent and student information including names, contact emails and street addresses obtained from the information YOU entered into the PTA website.
  • Only paid PTA members will be able to use the online directory after the first week of school.  However, non-paid PTA members can enter their information on-line through the PTA Website to be included in this on-line directory.
  • This is NOT A DIRECTORY OF ALL STUDENTS.  Only those families and students who entered their information on-line through the PTA website will be included in the on-line PTA Membership directory. 
  • You can change your privacy settings to control what information others can see.



Paper Student Directory

 Coming soon to all paid PTA Members - join the PTA today!


The paper Student Directory is a listing of all students at Rockwell.  In addition to the listing of students, the Student Directory includes sections on Important School Contacts, Rockwell Policies and Procedures and PTA Programs.  The listing of students is presented by classroom with parent email and phone numbers only.  The Student Directory is published once a year in October and distributed to paid PTA members and those people who purchase a copy of the Student Directory only. 

 The good new here is that you must OPT IN to be included in the Student Directory.  The OPT IN/Permissions Form will be provided to you at Dog Day and must be handed back in at Dog Day with Your Student’s Name, Your Teacher’s Name, Three Checked Boxes and Your Signature.  Copies of last year’s Student Directory can be reviewed in the School Office. 

  •  Streamlined paper directory with school and PTA information and class lists including student name, primary contact email and primary contact phone number obtained from the school district.
  • There will be no street addresses published.
  • Students will only appear in the paper directory if their parents have filled out the OPT IN/Permissions Form.  
  • One free copy per PTA membership.  Copes of the student directory can be purchased for $5 by paid or non-paid PTA members through the PTA wbsite.   

*Please remember that not EVERY student will be listed in the Student directory. A few parents have chosen not to be in the directory for various reasons and opted out.  

For more information, please contact Leslie Edmunds/PTA Membership Directory Chair and Student Directory Chair.


OPT IN/Permissions Form

The OPT IN/Permissions form is required for any student who wants to be included in the Student Directory, the Yearbook or any PTA program.  Parents have the choice to check “Yes, please include my student” or “No, do not include my student”.  Parents will be checking Yes or No three times; once for the Student Directory, once for the Yearbook and once for all other PTA programsWe will continue contacting you through “Kids Mail” until we have a completed OPT IN/Permissions form for each student at Rockwell